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Cryptocurrencies, such at Bitcoin and Ethereum, are just two of thousands of emerging solutions to create frictionless global transactions between counterparties. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are positioning themselves to become the “new gold” of the modern world as a store of value and immune from geo-political risk.The rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices has not deterred interest in the technology or the space, but is leading to every more practical, accessible and useful applications of blockchain technology.

This course uses several case studies to illustrate the audit and ethical considerations in the newly emerging sector.Few accountants and auditors are conversant with cryptocurrency technology and this course is designed to improve your level of awareness and deepen your understanding of issues associated with issuing an audit opinion for clients in this space.

Field of Study: Audit; Behavioral Ethics

What you will learn?
Discuss the applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies
Identify the audit consideration factors for client acceptance and continuance
Identify and address specific audit risks unique to cryptocurrency transactions and balances
Discuss ethical issues arising that may arise while working in a new sector that has few regulations and undefined rules.
Skills Covered
1.5 hours on-demand video
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Intermediate level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
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2 Quiz
10 Video
1.5 hours
Section 1. Ethical & Audit Considerations of Cryptocurrency-Part1
Course Overview
3m 18s
Cryptocurrency the Business
6m 28s
Cryptocurrency 101
6m 56s
Blockchain 101
10m 4s
The Rise of Cryptocurrency
7m 54s
Audit Client Acceptance Issues
7m 5s
Quadriga Quandary: An Ethical Dilemma
7m 8s
Unique Audit Risks Arising in Cryptocurrency
10m 45s
The Slow Demise of Quadriga
7m 55s
The Curious Case of Cotton’s Missing Coins
7m 27s
Review Questions
5 questions
Section 2. Final Exam-Part1
Final Exam
8 questions
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